Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Is a page 1 better than position 1?

Is a page 1 better than position 1?

If you have been following SEO or looking at how search engines are adjusting their results you will notice that your search you have typed in is rephrased and given back to you as a suggestion. (did you mean)
This is great for anyone who is paying attention, to get more traffic and rankings you can now focus on “long tail “ searches and based on the intent of what you are searching for, the search engine presents this information back to you in a format it might think is more suitable to find what you are looking for.

The objective of this exercise it to reduce the amount of time you refine your search when looking for something.

You may be looking for a restaurant and want to get to the official website  and not the menu. Or you may want to get to the menu or you may want to get a review on the restaurant.

These are all multiplies search for the same item. If the search engine can ascertain your intent it will then give you what you are looking for. By using the predictive or suggest function, this is what the search engines are looking to achieve. What this also means to a SEO person is that using the suggest button in combination with the intent you can reduce your keyword research time but also open up a lot of other areas that potential clients can find you  as opposed to focusing on 1 keyword in position 1.

Smart marketing can generate more qualified leads than expensive marketing focus on pure traffic.

At the end of the day you need people to walk into your shop and buys your service or product and not just browse. Always remember the interest is a place that people are using more and more to assist with making decisions. So ensure that you have good information and fresh content and contact details.

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