Wednesday, 4 January 2012

How can SEO and internet marketing save you money?

How can SEO and internet marketing save you money?

Good question how can marketing save you money. Marketing is all about spending money.

Marketing by definition is creating a perception of value in a potential customers mind and then letting them exchange cash for that value. The exchange cash is the oversimplified version of selling.

Before any creation of value can take place I need to know that you are in business and for me to know that you are in business I need to find you somewhere and somehow. Hence the need for a long term SEO strategy.

SEO is all about understanding your client so that you can understand there needs to create the value perception.
This is also referred to as SEM or search engine marketing but the main element is still marketing and the underlying engine is the world of search.

So to save money through SEO or search marketing you need to know a little about SEO. At IPCO we offer a free SEO workshop where these and other SEO trends are looked at in depth. But before you go there you will want to know a thing or two about SEO and marketing saving you money.

In a recent survey conduct on search engine land it was found that while money was being spent on PPC and social marketing the majority of good leads are coming from natural search.

The point is that you are spending money when you could be creating interesting articles and blogs that people can read and then having a link to your website that relevant to what you have just said. This is simple logic and requires a bit of time every day for you to get into the swing of blogging but after a while the search engines will look at your content as fresh and you will start to see your website climb the rankings.

I am by no means saying the PPC is bad quite the contrary it forms a integral part of your web marketing strategy. You need the PPC for the first 120 days to give you visibility and then after that your SEO efforts should be showing you returns and you will then be able to reduce your spend on PPC and thus your ROI will increase and your spend on marketing will reduce.

This is how you can save money using SEO to its full potential. But like all good strategies it takes time and though and a lot of effort. SEO is not to be undertaken by the faint hearted as you need to keep working at it for at least 6 months to see the improvement.

Please feel free to attend one of our free SEO workshops centered around marketing and see how this can save you money.

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