Friday, 6 January 2012

First mistake of SEO. So you think your famous..:-)

First mistake of SEO, So you think your famous..

One of the most common mistakes made with SEO aside, from no SEO is that companies think they are famous.
Honestly, unless you are a major brand chances are you do not fall into this category. Yes you would like to think that your brand is world famous and what you sell is known throughout the world.

But you are not alone in the market, and other companies have come to the realisation that for SEO to work, their on page SEO needs to be correct, they only then come across the first basic mistake of the title.

If you are not to sure of what a title is in terms of a website, have a look at the top of your browser and you will see in the blue section right at the top the title of the website. This would normally say home or the name of the company.

If a website has some SEO it will have the service or product that you are selling as the title followed by the name of the company offering the service of product.

One of the first areas that search engines look at in the indexing process is the title of your page.
Remember that the internet is one big library and that search engines are basically highly skilled librarians who each have their own knack called a (read algorithm) for finding the books that you are after.

So the first thing that they will look at is the title of the book. Now if you consider that when you look for something you are doing research first and do not know the name of the company so you will start by looking for the service or product and then narrow your search or refine your search to the point of location.

If you have none of the above in the title of the page and the only thing is the name of your company then how will I find you. If I don’t know you  exist then I cannot do business with you. The whole point of the internet is to link people with knowledge or services that they are looking for.

So you are not famous and you need to make sure your title tells the search engines what it is that you offer as your first point of call in the SEO world.

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