Monday, 25 February 2013

Here are some tips for effective mobile marketing:

Here are some tips for effective mobile marketing:

Build a Quality Database: The success of mobile marketing is hugely dependant on the quality of your customer database. It is vital that you take utmost care while creating your database and make sure you only reach out to customers most likely to stick with your product/service.
Know Your Limits: It is easy to go overboard when you have access to a powerful tool like mobile marketing. However, if you use this medium too often, you stand a risk of being considered a spammer, and your plan may simply backfire.

Deliver Value:
 Mobile users are usually very busy, so any offer you want to communicate to them should matter in some way. Therefore, always make it a point to adjudge how your offer can benefit a customer.

Don’t Complicate:
 Whether it is in the form of voice, text or web, your message should be concise, and yet communicate your message without any ambiguity. Short and sweet is the mantra here.

Follow marketing etiquettes: Do not communicate with customers or send them messages at odd hours- and do not send them too often. Instead, encourage feedback when you can to further hone your mobile marketing campaigns.

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