Sunday, 1 January 2012

Free SEO Google workshop and Tips

This is true we are inviting all who care to attend our freeweekly SEO tips workshop. All you need to do is book and you will then be taken through the basics of SEO and Google rankings from a marketing point of view. This free SEO workshop is for anyone who wants understand how to get a page 1ranking and then from their they need to understand how to get half decent click through and conversions.

If you don’t know what the panda or farmer update and what the impact it has had on your site then you need to attend this free SEO Google workshop.

So this all sounds like a sales pitch, well have a read of what we will cover in the workshop-
What is Google and how Google works with you and advertisers.

Do you know that Google looks at your Title to start the indexing process (the top part of your page in the blue section of the browser.) Do you know what the title is.

Do you know that your URL has a impact on your site rankings as well as the fact that if you have to many links to get to a page then you think it is unimportant and so will and other search engine.

If you follow this Blog and attend our free Google workshops this will all be explained and you will then be able to do it yourself or if you want you can use our service.

Or have a look at our page on what is SEO or come to the next free SEO Google workshop in either cape town dubs or Gauteng.

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