Thursday, 24 May 2012

How to get a company website in South Africa

Register a Domain name: Since a website is reflective of a business and its owner, choose a name that is unique and represents your business identity. You may need to spend some time in finding a domain name that is both available and synonymous with the nature of your business as well.
Select a Hosting Service: Now that you have a domain name, you need to host your business website to get your own ‘space’. Depending on whether you want your site to be simple or elaborate, you can opt for an appropriate hosting space that suits your needs.
Get a Website DesignedYou now need a website designer who will devise your website as per your specifications. Hire a professional web designer who is capable of portraying your business aptly to clients.
Create Website Content: Your business website requires content that communicates the right message to your clients. Seek the services of a professional writer who can create content that converts potential customers into clients.

If you are a company or professional located in South Africa, look to Ipcoweb to set up your own dynamic website. Ipcoweb is an established web solutions company that provides professional and affordable online business solutions to both small and medium enterprises. 

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