Friday, 8 June 2012

Understanding Mobile Marketing

Understanding Mobile Marketing and Internet Marketing
Since the advent of internet technology in the 90s, marketing over the internet has become a popular way of reaching global audience. There are people who spend more time surfing the internet than watching television. America and the European and Asian counterparts are catching up slowly to the internet craze and that is providing a great boost to the advocates of internet marketing from South Africa. 

But yes, when internet marketing is at its peak, we still cannot ignore one specific form of marketing that is mobile marketing. What is mobile marketing by the way? The word ‘Mobile’ stands for moving. Well, in that case, marketing on the move is called mobile marketing and SMS marketing is an important part of it. 

The only problem with this sort of marketing is the level of authenticity. However we want to rebuff it, internet marketing and mobile marketing comes with a major problem that is spamming.

Tips for effective mobile marketing in South Africa
The penetration of mobile phones in both urban and rural populations has been astounding. Not only have cellphones changed the way we communicate, but they have also created a huge impact on the way we conduct business.

Mobile marketing is fast becoming an integral part of many marketing campaigns in most countries, and South Africa is no exception.

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