Monday, 16 January 2012

How do I get onto Google? SEO question 1

How do I get onto Google? SEO question 1

A common question I am faced with is how do I get onto Google? While this may sound like an elementary question there are a few quick check points to go through before this question can be answered.

People often assume that when they say on Google they actually mean they want to see their company with a website.

The other common misconception when they speak of being found on Google ,they are actually saying that when they type there name into the Google search bar

If this is what you mean then you need to have the following:
  • ·         A website built on a CMS (content management system )
  • ·         A url or address
  • ·         Your title of the product and service in title tag.

Once you have these items you are now on the web.

The next set is to get found on Google to accomplish this in short order you would need to then do the following:
  • ·         Open a G-mail account
  • ·         Open a webmaster tools and verify that you are the owner of the website
  • ·         Submit your sitemap to Google

·         Open a analytics account so that you can see who is coming into your shop.

Once you have done the above items you will then need to wait for about 90 days to get your site on Google. It may take less time if you do SEO and blog and a couple of back links from High ranking website.

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