Thursday, 12 January 2012

FREE SEO TIP Got a great website but no traffic

FREE SEO TIP Got a great website but no traffic?

Sound like a problem you have?

Chances are you are not ranking because you have not asked the correct question of your web guys so they gave you what you asked for.

To be fair, you run a normal business and are not a techno geek so why should you know different.
SEO is a term that you probably are hearing now for the first time in marketing circles and need to know what this means without looking like a fool when you ask the question “what is SEO

Well first SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization and this is used to improve the place you appear on a Google search when someone looks for your service or product.

In the past couple of blogs I have spoken about what is SEO and mistake people make.
There are a couple of tools like that will help you to see if SEO has been done correctly on your site.

What you need to look for is a thing called the title and if you have H1 tags. In plain English that means you need to see if you have headings on your website and if they have been labelled correctly and also if the titles and heading match. If this is not taking place you will not get found under the areas you are hoping to be found.

This is assuming you have done keyword research and are using the keywords.
Remember we offer a free Google workshop on How to do SEO and understand it from a marketing and business owner aspect.

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