Thursday, 4 August 2011

Free Google SEO workshop

To all the folks from Cape Town who attend our Free Google SEO workshop thanks.

As I mentioned please click on the plus one button if you enjoyed the workshop or better still tell all your friends on Twitter and face book by pasting the following link and let them know that you felt it was worth while.

Unfortunately you need Google Chrome to view the +1 button –it is a very Good browser so download and start plus ing us.

In case you forgot what we covered in the workshop here are some reminders:
Use a good headline
I               -              Interrupt
E              -              Engage
E              -              Educate
O             -              Offer
People need to come back to your site 7 times to do business.

Ask your self are you famous and do you want to read your site?

    1. Buying Keywords—eg MP3 player pink ipod 8 gig t ear jacks
    2. Browsing keywords-mp3
    3. Comparing keywords—best---ipod vs JMR
Optimise your WebPages
    1. 6 different pages with different titles
Optimize your links
    1. Inbound
    2. Outbound-bing 30%
Submit your website
    1. Directories
    2. Blogs
    3. Social Media
    4. Search engines
    5. Wiki
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