Monday, 30 September 2013


Why SEO?

It is amazing how one simple question can have so many answers! Why is SEO so important? What can SEO do for your business? Why is SEO better than other types of marketing strategies in the business world? Welcome to the world of Ipcoweb... we are here to teach you how to rank on Google with SEO and can provide you with Google training that will help you to reach the top long before your competition does!
So, back to the number one question- why SEO? Well, think about it... when you choose to go with ‘old school’ advertising techniques like radio adverts, flyers, promotions etc., you are spending a lot (and we mean, A LOT) of money trying to convince people (who are not necessarily interested in what you are offering them) why they need your products and/or services. When you choose to focus more on SEO and your company website, you are putting your energy into convincing people (who ALREADY need the products and/or services that you are offering) why they should pick you over your competition... surely this is a better strategy to have, is it not? With ordinary advertising campaigns you are spending tons of money and gaining only a small amount of clients from your efforts- with SEO you need not even pay a cent and yet you will be generating hundreds more clients each week, month or year. So is SEO worth it? We think so!
What is SEO? It is the key to success in our technology-driven world and the secret to generating and maintaining clients throughout the year, every year! 

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Ipcoweb is the Beginners Guide to SEO

Ipcoweb is the Beginners Guide to SEO

Welcome to! We are passionate about YOUR business and helping YOU to reach the top rung of the ladder of success. We will teach you how to climb those rungs faster and more efficiently than ever before... and the key is SEO.
While it is very difficult to find a proper beginners guide to SEO (the world of SEO is never, ever static for long), Ipcoweb offers you professional insight into this wonderful opportunity for your business. We are here to teach you how to rank on Google with SEO. But what is SEO, exactly? SEO, short for search engine optimisation, is a business technique that works by making it possible for potential clients to find YOU when they are looking for the product/service that you are offering. How? The potential clients find you via online search engines (such as Google, Yahoo etc.) after having typed in specific keywords. SEO is pretty much all about tailoring your company website according to what YOUR potential clients are typing into those search engines.
If you are serious about learning how to SEO, why not attend one of our FREE Google training workshops? Watch our website for the next workshop’s dates and times... 

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

What is SEO

What is SEO?

As the word spreads about a brand new way of improving business, everybody has the same question on their lips- what is SEO and how can it help ME?’. Welcome to the wonderful world of Ipcoweb! It is now the end of a fantastic year, but we believe that we can help you to make 2013 even better!
Seeing as though it is the festive season, how about a few chuckles before we lecture you about the importance of learning how to rank on Google with SEO? Sound good? Thanks to a blog called ‘lookingforwardtochristmas’, here are a few of our favourite Christmas jokes:
Q. What did the big candle say to the little candle ? 
A. I'm going out tonight !
Q . What is the best thing to put into a Christmas cake ? 
A. Your teeth !
Q. What did Adam say on the day before Christmas ? 
A. It's Christmas, Eve !
Q. How can a snowman lose weight ? 
A. He waits until it gets warmer !
Q: What kind of bird can write ? 
A: A PENguin !
Q. How many presents can Santa fit into an empty sack ? 
A. Only one - after then it is not empty anymore !
Q: What do elves learn in school ?
A: The Elf-abet !
Q: Who is never hungry at Christmas ? 
A: The turkey – he’s always stuffed !
Q: What song do you sing at a snowman's birthday party ? 
A: Freeze a jolly good fellow !

Hilarious, right? So, back to the nitty gritty- what is SEO? What is SEO for? In short, SEO (search engine optimisation) refers to the process of tailoring one’s company website so that it fits in with what the search engines ‘want’. If this is done properly, your website will rank higher on Google, making it easier for potential clients to find YOU before they find your competition. SEO is a process that requires patience, focus and dedication... it is not something that can be done overnight! 

Monday, 9 September 2013

SEO in South Africa

SEO in South Africa

Many people think SEO only applies to certain people in South Africa. They would be wrong, everyone is this whole wide world, should be seo’ing their site, because believe it or not, gone are the days of where only a website will cut it. Nowadays the standard practice is to build a website and then SEO it to ensure they outshine their other competitors, whether in South Africa or all over the world.
So, where do you go and what do you do to SEO your site in South Africa? There are many ways to do it and places to go, but ensuring you do it right, and do it right constantly can be difficult. Ipcoweb is an SEO company that can ensure you are covered, in every aspect of your site, from website design to free SEO and google SEO, we do it all.
No longer do you need to ask about “how to rank on google”, this is what we specialise in:


·       Web basic SEO: For as little as R 400.00 per month, you receive: Complete Website CMS with free support and changes for a low fixed monthly fee. Limited changes to the website provided by Ipcoweb excluding graphic redesign, No Contract, Pre-formatted SEO Website, Complete e-commere with checkout, Own domain - Top level (.com, .co, and POP and I-map e-mail (5 Mailboxes)
·       Web basic plus SEO: Over and above the above mentioned, you receive: One 500-700 word article focussed on agreed, researched keywords. One 300-word blog post creation focussed on creating back links and free Google Ad Words voucher valued at R500
·       Web pro SEO: Four 500-700 word articles focussed on agreed, researched keywords, four 300-word blog post creation focussed on creating back links, free Google Ad Words voucher valued at R500
·       Guaranteed page 1 ranking on google South Africa: the above mentioned, plus social Media page creation and management for Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Includes regular posts. Platinum Listing on MTN Directory Service including large pin, logo and 30 keywords and free Google Ad Words voucher valued at R500.
If you do not want to worry about the complexity of SEO and are unsure about the whole internet topic, leave your SEO marketing to us. We will ensure your site receives all the visibility it needs to be seen on the net.
If you would like to see what else we can offer you, feel free to join our free SEO workshop and learn all the free SEO tips and tools you need to get yourself on the way to being one of the best. 

Thursday, 5 September 2013

World Class, FREE Google Training Workshops in South Africa

World Class, FREE Google Training Workshops in South Africa
If you want to broaden your horizons and open your arms to a promising, brand new way of marketing your business, then you have most definitely come to the right place. Here at Ipcoweb, we have a passion for people and a passion for progress... we aim to help your business reach the top of its game! How do we do this? By offering you FREE Google training workshops that cover topics such as:
  •   What is SEO?
  •   How do I build a website?
  •   What is CMS?
  •   How do I rank on Google?
    Our Google training workshops have changed many lives for the better, and helped to get hundreds of businesses operating on the next level. Take a look at what a few people who attended these Google training workshops had to say:
    Thanks for the work shop. it was very informative.
    Huyu Houz - Exodus International
    Thanks you for the eye opener during the course today, I learnt a lot.Dean Stewart - Carvery Cowboys
    Thanks so much, will be working on my website this week to fix ALL that was wrong. But please can you send me the details for the courses Kenneth was talking about as I have other people who are keen to attend.
    Vicki Martin - Sapphire Weddings
    When you open your eyes to the world of SEO, you embrace the new technological age full force. But the most important reason why every business should learn how to rank on Google with SEO? Because you can be very sure that your competition is, too! Get in touch with Ipcoweb today to find out the dates and times of our next Google training workshop... 

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

What is SEO and how can an SEO company optimize MY business

What is SEO and how can an SEO company optimize MY business?

I have always been one to consider myself quite tech savvy. I by no means mean that I’m going to be the next Steve Jobs, but I understand more than the basics when it comes to the internet. Like every other modern-day internet user, Google has come to the rescue on more than one occasion. Whether it’s helping in deciding what to cook for dinner that evening or helping you find the nearest garage to fix that now burst tire, Google seems to have become a lifeline that we’ve all become accustomed too.

What is SEO?However, amidst all my quick fix browsing, I never stepped back to wonder how exactly those 3 simple words that I type in bring up the exact results that I was looking for. Well, this is where my research started. Search engines apparently use algorithms to determine the pages displayed in their search results. In lay man’s terms, what that means is that a search engine looks at your query and searches through all its pages to see which page is most relevant and ranks them accordingly. There are certain features that each website must contain in order to achieve a higher ranking.

SEO is a mechanism by which your website is made search engine friendly. For the ordinary business owner (and the now apparently not so tech savvy plain Jane like me) SEO is a foreign concept that was not even considered when designing our websites.

So what is SEOSEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is where an SEO company comes into play. An SEO company makes your website search engine friendly so that you get higher rankings when a search engine looks for results and this will result in your website pages being presented to consumers.

So it is really that easy; by SEO’ing your website, your business ranks higher and in turn makes you more money. Sounds great but more of a “sit back and relax” then “divulge into it yourself” person?! – Then contact Ipcoweb to find out more. There’s no need to be tech savvy, just a simple mindset change to lateral thinking.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

From a very satisfied customer

From a very satisfied customer:
Morning  Joleen,
Hope you are well.
Just a small word of appreciation and feedback on Workshop.
Sorry I could not talk / feedback due to bout of laryngitis.
Excellent information provided.
Well presented , message concise and to the point.
We are also in the business of Websites and graphics.
“Clear message that content ,keywords , sitemaps in the SEO department are areas we need to work on”
We create , design and develop good websites , but are lacking in the area of visibility due to content and adapting to search trends by customer base.

Thanks to you and ipcoweb team .

Monday, 2 September 2013

Optimize your business with our free SEO tips

Optimize your business with our free SEO tips

Free SEO TipsSEO might seem like a bit too much of a technical sphere, but we are here to help.Ipcoweb has designed a few free SEO tips to help explain the concept of SEO and Google online marketing. We can all become tech savvy by keeping the following in mind:

  • So what is SEOSEO stands for Search Engine Optimization SEO is a mechanism by which your website is made search engine friendly.
  • An SEO company makes your website search engine friendly so that you get higher rankings when a search engine looks for results and this will result in your website pages being presented to consumers.
  • By SEO’ing your website, your business ranks higher and in turn makes you more money. Sounds great but more of a “sit back and relax” then “divulge into it yourself” person?! – Then contact Ipcoweb to find out more.
  • When you are trying to learn: how to create a website or how to design a website, no-one ever coaches you on how to SEO your website. Ipcoweb offers free workshops to help in this regard
  • Ipcoweb’s free page ranking workshops are open to any interested people and are held in most large business centres throughout South Africa (dependant on interest). The aim of the workshops is to educate attendees on best SEO practices.
  • Internet marketing is referred to as the marketing or promotion of products or services over the Internet. This is considered to be broad in scope because not only does it refer to marketing on the Internet, but also includes marketing done via e-mail and wireless media.
  • There are three types of internet marketing namely: PPC, SEO and Social media marketing i.e. Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • PPC is short for “pay per click.” In Google Marketing terms this amounts to adwords i.e. the text, banner and rich-media advertisements we see at the top and sides of a Google search page.
  • Well, we’ve all become Facebook, Blackberry, iPhone, Twitter and Android addicts yet still we resist the urge to use Google Marketing. If you are a business owner, you utilize marketing tools. Why aren’t you using internet marketing?
  • Online marketing is the effective and cheap marketing toolSearch Engine Land recently reported that (not surprisingly) Google is still ranked the number one traffic source for 23 of the top 30 websites.
  • In so many ways, tackling online marketing is like going in blind. As a business owner you are blind to the actual inner workings of online marketing and must thus go in blind to make the best of it
  • By the majority of us being blind to Google online marketing we have to rely on our remaining 4 senses to conquer conversion optimisation
  • Conversion in online marketing terms is the amount of casual views of a website that are turned into actual revenue/business.
  • Successful conversions are dependent on the types of industry. Every web site needs to be designed with clear goals (or conversions) in mind.
  • Even though we at Ipcoweb are an SEO Company, we have found that it is best practice to use adwords in combination with SEO to gain maximum exposure for company on Google
  • When you hear terms like SEO and PPC you don’t initially think of conversion marketing, yet using an SEO company is vital for conversion optimization
  • Although conversion marketing is not technically part of internet marketing, these two concepts should be intertwined. The rationale behind this thinking is simple: what is the point of getting lots of traffic to your site if it doesn’t end up contributing financially to your business in the end
  • We are all tired of IT consulting companies making false promises that they can’t deliver on. Let Ipcoweb optimize your website to let it work in only a positive way for you. Get with the times, make sure you really are tech savvy; contact us today for all your SEO requirements.