Monday, 30 September 2013


Why SEO?

It is amazing how one simple question can have so many answers! Why is SEO so important? What can SEO do for your business? Why is SEO better than other types of marketing strategies in the business world? Welcome to the world of Ipcoweb... we are here to teach you how to rank on Google with SEO and can provide you with Google training that will help you to reach the top long before your competition does!
So, back to the number one question- why SEO? Well, think about it... when you choose to go with ‘old school’ advertising techniques like radio adverts, flyers, promotions etc., you are spending a lot (and we mean, A LOT) of money trying to convince people (who are not necessarily interested in what you are offering them) why they need your products and/or services. When you choose to focus more on SEO and your company website, you are putting your energy into convincing people (who ALREADY need the products and/or services that you are offering) why they should pick you over your competition... surely this is a better strategy to have, is it not? With ordinary advertising campaigns you are spending tons of money and gaining only a small amount of clients from your efforts- with SEO you need not even pay a cent and yet you will be generating hundreds more clients each week, month or year. So is SEO worth it? We think so!
What is SEO? It is the key to success in our technology-driven world and the secret to generating and maintaining clients throughout the year, every year! 

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