Thursday, 5 September 2013

World Class, FREE Google Training Workshops in South Africa

World Class, FREE Google Training Workshops in South Africa
If you want to broaden your horizons and open your arms to a promising, brand new way of marketing your business, then you have most definitely come to the right place. Here at Ipcoweb, we have a passion for people and a passion for progress... we aim to help your business reach the top of its game! How do we do this? By offering you FREE Google training workshops that cover topics such as:
  •   What is SEO?
  •   How do I build a website?
  •   What is CMS?
  •   How do I rank on Google?
    Our Google training workshops have changed many lives for the better, and helped to get hundreds of businesses operating on the next level. Take a look at what a few people who attended these Google training workshops had to say:
    Thanks for the work shop. it was very informative.
    Huyu Houz - Exodus International
    Thanks you for the eye opener during the course today, I learnt a lot.Dean Stewart - Carvery Cowboys
    Thanks so much, will be working on my website this week to fix ALL that was wrong. But please can you send me the details for the courses Kenneth was talking about as I have other people who are keen to attend.
    Vicki Martin - Sapphire Weddings
    When you open your eyes to the world of SEO, you embrace the new technological age full force. But the most important reason why every business should learn how to rank on Google with SEO? Because you can be very sure that your competition is, too! Get in touch with Ipcoweb today to find out the dates and times of our next Google training workshop... 

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