Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Website Design and SEO services

Hi all
Thanks for attend our last free SEO training session. As requested form many of you I am going to do a quick recap on the 5 important items that you need to address to get your page to rank on Google and then on other search engines.First thing before you look at your website design requirements, do you SEO planning properly as per the image below.

  1.  Analyse your requirements,  remember KPI
  2.  then  look at the words you use to describe your requirement’s
  3.  Then look at your competition—not your normal completion but the guys who come up first on Google for your search terms.
  4.   Then use the x-ray tool to see how they have done there SEO and make sure your SEO is up to scratch
  5.  Create a site map—remember Google webmaster tools –you should all have this by now
  6.  Using webmaster tools see if your  words are working or not
  7.  Get the back link thing going (word of mouth)

8.       Start again J
Good hunting

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