Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Using SMS & MMS

Using SMS & MMS
Multimedia Messaging Service Marketing in the USA

Most businesses in the USA are aware of the fact that mobile phone marketing offers great returns on investment. However, it is a misconceived notion that mobile marketing solely refers to sending text messages to prospective and existing clients.
This held true till a few years ago, and almost every business wanted to include SMS marketing in their marketing plan. However, with the multimedia feature becoming common in most cell phones, multimedia messaging service or MMS marketing is fast becoming a preferred mode of mobile marketing.
MMS promotions allow businesses to send content to customers through video, audio, images, and slideshows. In some mobile networks, businesses have the facility to sponsor a multimedia message that is sent from one person to another.
Due to the rich quality of content and advanced user experience, MMS marketing often delivers much better results than SMS marketing or other traditional marketing channels. Also, since it is one of the latest forms of marketing media, MMS marketing has been able to generate a lot of excitement among the customers.

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