Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Google Online Marketing – do you really know what people are looking for

Google Online Marketing – do you really know what people are looking for.

What do the following words have in common?

Justin Bieber, Locnville, Moshi Monsters
, Die Antwoord, Jobs, News, Jack Parrow, Bafana, Cape Town, Soccer, ZuMa, iPad, Twitter,
Masterchef, Cupcakes, Olympics, Mt Everest, Mcdonalds Nutrition.

Internet Marketing StrategyAll of these words made it onto the Google Zeitgeist list. Zeitgeist” means “the spirit of the times,” Google Zeitgeist shows what the most popular internet searches have been over the past year. From looking at these searches, isn’t it evident that people are utilising the internet more to search for information than for services. This comment holds with it a lot of truth, I mean if I think about it, my own current internet usage, besides work, consists of facebooking and catching up on the latest news stories. This very sentence is the core of what most people miss when trying to divulge into Google online marketing. Sorry for the ego deflation, but people are not going onto the internet to research your company and its history. Frankly, the average reading age for a person reading on the internet is 12 years old. The average amount of time spent on a website is 4 seconds. Thus as an online marketer, you have exactly 4 seconds to convince your potential client to stay on your page. Online marketing needs to capture and captivate your target market. The question now comes in, how exactly do you optimize Google online marketing to make sure it promotes your product?

Learn from the big guns about Online Marketing.

Google SearchEvery day, all around the world, millions of people use search engines to find content on the Internet. Tom Fishman, manager of social media and community at MTV says that in order to optimize online marketing, you need to be a good provider of content. He quotes,” Since MTV is a cultural tastemaker that content ranges from music and fashion to social issues and politics — the feed provides a lot of relevant information for myriad demographic groups.” One of the biggest flaws of online marketing is businesses that push too much content via social media, email advertisements etc. People do not want to hear more from a business then from their friends. As a business owner you need to provide potential clients with something that will intrigue instead of bore them. When figuring out how to design a website for your business, you need to take into account what exactly your clients will be looking for.

There are 5 platforms when it comes to Google marketing that need to be considered namely:
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • PPC
  • Affiliated Sites
  • Social media
To divulge into the intricacies of each of these platforms would amount to pages and pages of data. Each platform has earned the right to be dealt with on its own, which I will do so in future articles. What we need to bear in mind now, is that each one of these platforms used in conjunction with each other can optimize internet marketing online to maximise conversion rates for your business. That great but, still don’t know what is internet marketing and how does it work? Well that’s where Ipcoweb is here to help.

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