Thursday, 9 June 2011

Free Google SEO workshop

they the say the proof of the pudding is in the eating. we have been giving free Google SEO workshops over the last 2 months with a view to educating normal people what SEO is all about and that they can get there website onto the first page of most search engines if the follow our 7 steps to improving your Google ranking for getting on the first page.
title is key but you need keywords as well as keyword density and your meta tags need to be in order. If you can do this you can get to the first page in a few easy steps. Don't go for a short key word like SEO rather focus on a long tail keyword for results and then work your way back from there.
If you go to Google and search for: free google seo workshop you should find us on the front page. The next option is to re word the search into English, so try free seo workshop on Google and we should still be on the front page. Our next step will be to create a less refined search string and get front page ranking on that.
Will keep you posted as we grow.

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