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Open your eyes to the world of online marketing

Open your eyes to the world of online marketing

What is Internet MarketingTake a minute to think about how reliant we are on all of our senses. All five senses: sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing are all used in the simplest of tasks. Yet, we cannot deny that we seem to take the ability to use our senses for granted. I came across a very interesting concept, called “dialogue in the dark.” Dialogue in the dark” is an exhibition that takes away your sense of sight per se. The experience is in total darkness, led by blind or partially sighted guides, and one is forced to rely on all but one of your senses. The sudden withdrawal of sight causes one to be emotionally immersed and confronted with one’s own limits. Blind people are the “sighted” ones in this environment and can demonstrate their capabilities better than their sighted colleagues. This reversal of roles guarantees reflection, the discovery of the unseen and the need of communication and cohesion

This profound yet interesting concept got me to thinking. In so many ways, tackling online marketing is like going in blind. As a business owner you are blind to the actual inner workings of online marketing and must thus go in blind to make the best of it. I know my analogy seems a little profound in itself, but bear with me for a while.

When it comes to our own businesses we are experts in our own rights but when it comes to the marketing side of things, we seem to be a little less informed. Sure we all took Marketing 101 but no-one really taught us how to utalise Google marketing to its full potential, thus we are going in blind to the concept of online marketing. In turn we need to use our remaining 4 sense to optimise conversion.

Using our 4 remaining senses for conversion optimisation. Let Google Online marketing work for you.

Blind to Internet MarketingBy the majority of us being blind to Google online marketing we have to rely on our remaining 4 senses to conquer conversion optimisation. What is conversion you may ask? Well conversion in online marketing terms is the amount of casual views of a website that are turned into actual revenue/business.Successful conversions are dependent on the types of industry. Every web site needs to be designed with clear goals (or conversions) in mind.
Conversions take many forms and may include the following:
  • Sale – where the user purchases a product online using their credit card
  • Lead – where the user submits contact details and asks for more information
  • Sign up – where the user opts in for email marketing newsletters
  • Download – where the user downloads a file from the site

In order to optimise conversions you need to play to your consumers needs. You need to use your remaining senses to determine what exactly people are looking for and make sure that your website aka your landing page is an answer to those needs. Use your senses of touch, smell, taste and hearing to make sure consumers really SEE your website.
  • Listen to what people around you are saying. Find out: what is internet marketing to them? Find out what they are looking for.
  • Smell: Poke your nose into every business. Look at your competitors and what they are doing, there’s no harm in a little competitive Google Marketing.
  • Get into touch with how people want to have their needs met. Do they want to use shopping carts? Would they like a variety of options? How does the feel of your site appeal to your target market? You need to look into the type of Google marketing that will work for you.
  • Get a taste for how the successful businesses are doing it. It’s time to optimise your website for Google Marketing and we know just the way to do it.

Let an SEO company be your eyes to internet marketing

SEO CompanyWhen you hear terms like SEO and PPC you don’t initially think of conversion marketing, yet using an SEO company is vital for conversion optimization. Although conversion marketing is not technically part of internet marketing, these two concepts should be intertwined. The rationale behind this thinking is simple: what is the point of getting lots of traffic to your site if it doesn’t end up contributing financially to your business in the end. Ipcoweb is anSEO Company that offers FREE SEO tips in the form of FREE Google marketing workshops to help you learn about how to make Google work for you. Try your hand at online marketing.

SEE the correct way to ensure conversion marketing through the use of SEO

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Let us be your eyes in guiding you to make the best business decisions.

Contributing Author:
Amanda Scribante – Ipcoweb Copywriter

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